Friday, April 07, 2006

In March, Ali and i experienced Florida together, I have lots of photos, I'll have em all up in a few days, much love to all of you who visit my site, you are appreciated

lilly pads, Florida, 2006

Seagulls on Honeymoon Island State Park, Florida, 2006

Honeymoon Island State Park, Florida, 2006

Cleo on the dock, March 2006

Ali in St. Augustine, March 2006


Janet Gable Cull said...

Oh, I like the one of the pooch on the dock and the lily pads. Nice! I like that girl, Alison, too. Nice images - always!

Koosh said...

Man, you suck! All of these pictures are freakin' amazing. I'm so jealous! Ok, and I want this one, and this one, and...Ligia likes the seagulls for Jaden's room.

Lee said...

Scott I totattly love the pics!!!!! Great job. BTW...could you please remove my last name from the link to my site...I just put my name in google and this site popped up. Thanks you so much!

Koosh said...

Dude, Julie loved them also. Geez, you should like do this for a living or something... Hmmm